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Remake of Marias Lovers (1984) directed by Andrei Konchalovsky, On behalf of Me Love is written by Li Fu, he is also co-director with Yen-Ping Chu, who is very successful with the series Thieu Lam Tieu Tu as well as many times collaborating with the main actor of this movie, the model, beautiful singer Tu Nhuoc Tuyen, the audience will be able to see her daring scenes. After the role of Annie in Shaolin Popey, this is the third film in Xu’s acting career, this actress has accepted to sacrifice for art when participating in very hot nude scenes. 20 years old.

Although not as appreciated as the original, but On Face of the Love is definitely a great movie for many people. The story revolves around a young man who is imprisoned and sexually abused in it until he is released, which haunts him for a long time. Not long after he was released from prison, he quickly married his “sister” who played with him since childhood, a beautiful girl who was taken care of by his grandparents after her parents passed away.

Ironically, even on the night of the assault, even with a beautiful, lovely and virgin wife Wenny, the images of being abused in prison with fries, rats and brutal soldiers made him. can’t do that. From then on, although he was husband and wife, but the two people still had never had sex, he gradually evaded his wife and went to “settle” with someone he often “loved” in a flash, it seemed he could only do it with her.

The depressed, needy wife for a long time spawned irreversible conflicts, the marriage of two people was on the verge of collapse and in one commercial act, the wife was unintentionally for a minute. Weakness and a need for a long time had done it with the cameraman right on the beach. Ironically after that time, she was pregnant, the conflict reached a climax, the wife left to move home to give birth to the baby, whether these two people could still come together.

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